Otto Muller is a composer, educator, and interdisciplinary artist, whose work employs installation, participatory performance, hybrid poetics, and delicately crafted chamber music to interrogate the dynamics of place, grief, and complicity, and create temporary spaces for shared reflection.

Muller has collaborated closely with the devised theatre company Theatre Témoin, choreographers Hanna Satterlee and Maura Gahan, and new media artist Sean Clute. His music has been performed internationally by Duo Stump-Linshalm, Third Coast Percussion, the International Contemporary Ensemble, the Formosa Quartet, the Slee Sinfonietta, and other ensembles at festivals including Tzlil Meudcan (Israel), Zvuk i Vryska (Bulgaria), June in Buffalo (USA), and Klangraum (Germany).

Muller received his PhD at the University at Buffalo, and has studied with David Felder, Amy Williams, Amnon Wolman, Chaya Czernowin, and Steve Takasugi. He teaches at Goddard College, where he is the co-founder of the BFA program in Socially Engaged Art and at Northern Vermont University.  His research includes publications on noise aesthetics, rural sound practices, and critical arts pedagogy.