Rural Noise Ensemble

Created by Otto Muller and Sean Clute, the Rural Noise Ensemble is a collective of Vermont based artists, musicians and makers that employ the aesthetics of noise as a critical framework for interrogating reality. Rooted in its conviction that the rural landscape is not defined by its relationship to nature or history but exists as a dynamic contemporary periphery. The group uses scrap wood and rusty nails, interactive electronics, amateur performers and whatever else is present to make sound; to decode and disrupt the discourse that produces this thing called the rural.

The Rural Noise Ensemble has presented work at the Feverish World Symposium at the University of Vermont, the Sounds of the Earth Festival, and the International Society of Electronic Arts (ISEA) in Montreal, and has been featured on Vermont Public Radio.

More information about the Rural Noise Ensemble’s installations, performances, workshops, and public scholarship can be found at