Nobody’s Home

Dorie Kinnear and Will Pinchin in Nobody’s Home

Produced by Theatre Témoin and Grafted Cede Theater, Nobody’s Home is a devised theater work that uses Homer’s Odyssey as a vehicle to explore military PTSD and the process of homecoming. Using mask and physical theater, Pinchin and Kinnear illustrate the haunting psychological journey that a recent veteran experiences why trying to navigate relationships at home and fix his bathtub.

This piece was created with cooperation and feedback from veterans in the US and UK. It ran in Edinborough in 2011 and toured in 2016 with the support of the Salisbury Playhouse. In 2017, Nobody’s Home toured military bases across the UK as part of an initiative to increase conversation around mental health and military PTSD.

To evoke the tension of returning home from war in the music and soundscapes of the piece, I analyzed sound recordings of gun battles in the Iraq war, and derived rhythmic and harmonic material from these recordings. I combined digital reprocessing of this audio with transcriptions of the pitches that I had performed by a middle school band in a small town in the US.

An excerpt from the soundscape of Nobody’s Home